• Flush out excess pounds while burning fat
  • Break up and remove harmful toxins
  • Gain more energy and fight fatigue
  • 100% Satisfaction gaureenteed
  • Lower your cholesterol

Through combining natural Lotus Leaf with small amounts of Chinese Yam, Fu Ling Mushrooms, and Hawthorn, the Chinese have discovered a powerful way to burn excess fat while staying healthier than ever before.

Lotus Leaf Diet is a powerful weight loss product that works. This product is NOT created for those who are looking to lose a few measly pounds

Lotus Leaf Diet as created for those who are SERIOUS about losing weight, and about achieving the amazing body that they want. Please use with Caution.

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Hollywood by storm...

The popularity of Lotus Leaf Diet is steadily
increasing thanks to many high profile stars
in Hollywood. Celebrities are now using Lotus
Leaf Diet to jump start their weight loss plans

Why Lotus Leaf Diets?

  • No energy loss – Lotus Leaf is an effective way to boost your energy levels without adding in harmful ingredients like Caffeine and Ephedrine
  • No rebound effect – Because Lotus Leaf isn’t a Diuretic, after stopping the Lotus Leaf Diets, you won’t need to worry about gaining the fat you lost right away
  • All natural supplements – Ingredients are extracted directly from natural products. No additional chemicals or toxins have been added
  • Lose weight quickly and safely – Lotus Leaf will help you lose weight rapidly. It has been shown that Using Lotus Leaf can reduce you weight by as much as 10 – 20 lbs in one month.

Why NOT the competition

  • Scientifically developed ingredients – Many diet pills contain scientifically developed ingredients which can stimulate numerous health issues if not well understood
  • Diuretic – Many diet pills contain Caffeine, Caffeine increases urination and bowel movements in the body. These pills will often say that they can help you lose weight drastically. However, it is simply emptying the water content in your system
  • Heart Issues – Many diet pills have a large negative impact on the heart by increasing or reducing heart rates. In some instances, heart palpitation, a random uncoordinated beating of the heart, occurs with intake of diet pills

Lotus Leaf

  • Adjusts lipids and clears metabolite to reduce fat in blood
  • Contains coenzymes to reduces cholesterol


  • Great source of V-Vitamins: Thiamine, Riboflavin, and Niacin
  • Contains all essential amino acids

Chinese Yam

  • Ensures great colour tone to tissue
  • Used to treat weak digestive systems


  • Aids digestive systems
  • Strengthens cardiovascular function